Smartie Crew


Smartie crew is an eight week course run in school on a Friday afternoon. It is a chance for parents and children to spend some time together working through the medium of art without the distractions of family life. It is very popular with both parents and children. Many parents who have completed a course request to go on another.

Quotes from parents:

“It is very enjoyable and fun to bond with your child”

“I enjoyed spending time with my child on her own making things”

“It has helped me to meet other parents, share ideas and make new friends”

“I enjoyed sharing experiences with my daughter”

“Everything about Smartie Crew was fantastic”

“I enjoyed getting to know other parents and teachers”

“I would recommend Smartie Crew without a shadow of a doubt”

“I realised how important it is to spend playtime with our kids”

“All the activities were amazing and engaging”