We Are Family

Today is UN’s Family Day – Reception class held a lovely assembly about how St Joseph’s students and teachers are all one big family.

They played this video at the assembly and everyone loved it!

Click on the link to view it on YouTube: We Are Family

Well done Reception, thank you for the wonderful assembly!

there’s a girl playing piano and another girl singing

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1. Inspect your nails and toes. As a child reaches her teens, you might find her experimenting with new things and behaving differently. I want to try to figure out what is going on so I know when to go in for 7dpo bw. Along with a couple of other students who all have secrets that they think about, his is that he feels like he far prefers to be a girl than a boy as it feels much more natural to him.

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Sport is good for you as it improves our energy and helps our every day lives. School helps children to stay fit in P.E (Physical Education) with sports such as football, cricket, tennis, rugby, basketball, hockey, netball, swimming and athletics.


Basketball is a sport which we play at St Joseph’s RC Primary school, sometimes our coaches play with us, and we have a match but they always win, as they are much taller than us and they might already play it out of school. We also play with our friends, but not always as they play different sports.



Tennis is good for all the body such as your legs, mind, chest and arms. Tennis is easy to play and everyone can play it. Children like tennis since it’s fun and easy.

By Brian,Usman and Sulaiman

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Y3 Stop Motion Animation

The theme of the animation is Theseus and the Minotaur.

What did you use ?

Year 3 used :

* plasticine

*coloured card




They used plasticine to make chairs, people and harps.

They drew  a temple on paper, then they cut it out, and stuck it onto the coloured card to make a background .

They used a big card box to hold everything in place while doing the animations . The class had 5 groups of 5 people in each one and they all did different animation roles .

They marked the places of the models for the camera, they moved them a tiny bit between each picture

Y3 took 26 pictures each, which makes between 5 and 10 seconds worth of an animation.

By Chloe, Isabella and TT( in year 6 )

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Getting ready for SATS

On the 11th May year 6 have SATs and everyone is getting ready but some of us are nervous (like me). Thank you for all of your hard work Mrs Costelloe , Mrs Fahey, Mrs Crean and Mrs Redford. After the SATS we will have lots of fun things to do like trips and Art. but unfortunately we will still have homework.

by Aaliyah

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The Election

First of all the Elections will take place on Thursday May 7th where the whole country will find out who is the new Prime Minister. There are plenty of parties wanting to be in charge of  government such as Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats, etc. The whole school went to the hall where  the school councils told us a few interesting facts about the Election. They told us how to vote for the Election but unfortunately you have to be over eighteen to vote. A polling station is where some people go to vote and our school is a polling station. But best of all on Thursday  we get a day off because of our school being a polling station. Being Prime Minister is a special job to do especially when you can change all the laws but sometimes you have to be careful because if you want to be Prime Minister for another 5 years you have to make people happy with the laws you make. Across the U.K some people don’t want to vote so they don’t but some people think everyone should vote to make it fair. Voting for Elections were really strict a long time ago when women had no right to vote but they fought and fought and soon got their point across now men and women are allowed to vote.

By Amy, Emily ,Talal

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new playground

Hi I’m Elayah  from the school council in St Josephs. I was just writing to inform you about our new playground that is about to be transformed with a bit of help from our generous college students. If you would like to get involved please comment below with some of your ideas. What would your dream playground be?

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Last week, Year 6 saw some wild and exotic animals. They were  fascinating and interesting! Alex,  who brought the animals in, taught us interesting facts. Some of  our favourites were the scorpion( which looked like a glow stick) and the tarantula. We were really surprised to hear that the Giant African Land Snail had 10,000 teeth and are able to eat rocks. Year 6 learned a lot about classifications, invertebrates and vertebrates. We really enjoyed the opportunity to feel and see the breath-taking animals.






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up up and away

Last term the entire school took part in our annual sponsored bounce. we all raised a lot of money to help a child from our school to go to Leeds. We all did a fantastic job raising money and all of our generous donations really helped. A sponsored bounce is when every child from each class brings in some reasonable amount of money in order to bounce on the bouncy castle :which is located in the school hall. I think I speak for the whole school when I say that it really was a day to remember.

Ahmed, Priscilla and Muna. (Y6)

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Easter half term

Do you want to know what we have been up to this half term?

Recently we have been doing  Easter activities such as the Easter egg and bonnet  competition!!!!!!!


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Great Fire of London – Year 1

Year 1 recently completed a craft based on the Great Fire of London. They decorated their own model houses and enjoyed themselves while doing it! Here are a few pictures of the proud students in Year 1 showing off their work.


For more regular updates on what is going on around St. Joseph’s, follow us on twitter!

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