Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

St Joseph’s RC Primary School is located in Manchester where two in every five children live in poverty and 29.7% of Manchester children affected by families living in income deprivation. The school is in one of the most highest areas of deprivation within Manchester. There is a significantly high number of children enter EYFS in St Joseph’s RC Primary school with low starting points, especially in communication and language and literacy and personal, social and emotional skills.

The children also arrive as a high majority from other countries where they have spent their first few years and are new to the UK. With early identification of children who are falling behind and or lacking in wider experiences and pre-schooling; teachers eliminate these barriers to writing and reading by immersing the children in a rich and varied literary environment with strong focuses on relationship building and broadening life experiences. This is all taught through the rich culture of our catholic faith which underpins the love, care and social teaching across the curriculum.

With this in mind, our EYFS curriculum has been designed to help tackle the effects of deprivation and build a range of significant early experiences for the children that have a high impact, whilst equipping all children with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life and when reaching the start of the national curriculum in year 1.

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