St Joseph’s Curriculum Information Page

National Curriculum

Our Curriculum meets the needs of our community and is designed specifically to give the children in our care the very best experiences both in and outside the classroom. Our philosophy is the more the children experience through trips and educational visits and learning about the wider curriculum the better prepared they will be for life beyond the classroom. We serve a deprived area of Manchester and many of our children have English as a second language. We try to give the children lots of activities rich in language, so that it raises the children’s confidence, self esteem and attainment. The Headteacher in particular is very passionate that the children have at least one memorable experience every half term, more if possible, and she did everything in her power to source a school mini bus to make this possible. She believes firmly in enriching the curriculum through broader experiences. The school tries to subsidize trips as much as possible and all transport is paid for. The Intervention Group have a bespoke curriculum tailored to the children’s needs and abilities, our ultimate aim is make sure we educate the children’s hearts as well as their minds.

For more information on our curriculum, please follow the links to see what we intend to do, how we implement it and what the impact is in each subject. The long term plans and each classes curriculum plans will give you an insight into what the children will be covering in each year group.. The tabs on the front page are just a little snippet of some of the children’s experiences both in and outside the classroom through pictures that bring this page to life. This is only a little flavour of what we provide the children will be able to tell you more.

To find out more about the national curriculum in primary schools, please click here.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework

The standards that school must meet for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5.

The EYFS framework:

  • sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well
  • ensures children are kept healthy and safe
  • ensures that children have the knowledge and skills they need to start school

Please click here to view the EYFS framework in place on the website. This statutory guidance is issued by law, which the schools must follow unless there’s a good reason not to do so.