Mission Statement

School Mission Statement

St Joseph’s is proud to be a Catholic School.  Everything we aim to achieve will be based on the teaching and practice of the Catholic Church.  Through this Catholic ethos we strive to develop in the school community respect and care for everyone.

In partnership between staff, children, parents, parish and the wider community we want to give every child the opportunity to fulfil their potential by developing their own gifts and talents.  We aim to create a successful learning environment where all feel welcome, safe and part of the community.  We wish through the whole life of our school for every child to realise their own worth and value.

Children’s Mission Statement

We are proud that St. Joseph’s is a Catholic School.

We try to do everything the Catholic Church teaches.

All of us, parents, children, teachers and the parish community, want to grow to become the best we can be– which is what God made us to be.

In St. Joseph’s we respect everyone.

We enjoy learning. We want to feel happy, excited, cared for, welcome, elated, safe and part of a family.

In St. Joseph’s we know we are loved, we know we are unique.

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School mission statement

Childrens mission statement