Read Write Inc – Phonics

Read Write Inc – Phonics

Read Write Inc. is the phonics scheme we use to help teach your child to read and write quickly and easily, starting from Early Years. 

Read Write Inc. is a popular phonics scheme. It teaches children the sounds in English, the letters that represent them, and how to form the letters when writing. Read Write Inc. Phonics includes reading books written using only the letters they have learnt at each level (and a small number of separately taught tricky words). The children will quickly feel confident and successful.

We have created this page to guide parents/carers to help their children with their learning. This page will give you plenty of resources to support your child’s learning confidently. If you have any questions or need further information please get in touch with their teacher.

What is Fred Talk?

The teachers will introduce your child to a toy frog called Fred once he or she is ready to start reading words.

Fred can only say the sounds in a word and needs your child to help him read the word. Fred will say the sounds and children will work out the word.

For example, Fred will say the sounds c-a-t, and children will say the word cat. This is Fred Talk: sounding out the word.

Learning Stages

The children are taught the sounds in 3 sets. Your child will be at one of the following stages in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. By the start of Year 2 they are expected to know their phonics.

* Set 1 Sounds *

These are taught in the following order together with rhymes to help children form the letters correctly and instantly recognise sounds ready for blending.

m  a  s  d  t  i  n  p  g  o  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h  r  j  v  y  w  z  x

These are the sounds written with two letters (your child will call these ‘special friends’):

sh  th  ch  qu  ng  nk  ck

Check if your child can read these sounds. Make sure they say sounds like ‘mmm’, not letter names like ‘em’.

Watch the Sound Pronunciation Guide video to help you.

Learning to blend with Set 1 Speed Sounds

Your child is learning to read words containing Set 1 Speed Sounds by sound blending. For example:

m-a-t mat

c-a-t cat

g-o-t got

f-i-sh fish
s-p-o-t spot

b-e-s-t best

s-p-l-a-sh splash

If your child is learning to sound blend you could watch the Sound Blending video to help you support your child.

* Set 2 Sounds *

These are the Set 2 Speed Sounds:

ay  ee  igh  ow (as in blow)  oo (as in zoo)

oo (as in look) ar  or  air  ir  ou (as in out)  oy

* Set 3 Sounds *

These are Set 3 Speed Sounds:

ea (as in tea) oi (as in spoil) a–e (as in cake) i–e (as in smile)
o–e (as in home) u–e(as in huge) aw (as in yawn) are (as in care)
ur (as in nurse) er  (as in letter) ow (as in brown) ai  (as in snail)
oa (as in goat) ew (as in chew) ire (as in fire) ear (as in hear)
ure (as in pure)      

Files to download:
What is Read Write Inc? (Youtube) Sound Pronunciation Guide video (Youtube)

Understanding Phonics for Parents (Youtube)

How to say the sounds for Parents (Youtube)

What is Sound Blending? (Youtube)

Find Out More (Oxford Owl)

Find Out More (Ruth Miskin)

Phonics Workshop for Parents (PDF)

Phonics Letter for Parents (PDF)

Fred Talk Games (PDF)

Expectations Of Progress 2022-2023 (PDF)